Betty Crocker Cookbook Redesign

Betty Crocker’s Best of Baking cookbook was redesigned with a modern feminist approach. Playing as dark humor, smiley-face stickers encourage the reader to place them upon women’s faces. A timeline of how women have evolved to express themselves is shown from the early 1920’s to modern day today. Betty Friedan, an American feminist and activist, stated “in the fifteen years after the Second World War,” a “mystique of feminine fulfillment” had become “the cherished and self-perpetuating core of contemporary American culture.”

“Women will be doing
their own thing
in their own way”
Betty Friedan

"I agree with the substance of her (Friedan's) argument…
that women whose interest are limited to household
responsibilities tend to become bored and neurotic."
Jessica Mitford

Instructor: Peter Ahlberg